Why Choose Us

Why choose Royal Active Travels is because we will provide hands on experience everything about Myanmar culture, religion, food and ways of life. According to our Motto: we prioritize in three essentials: courtesy, expertise and reliability.

Therefore, firstly we always make sure that our staff are courteous all the time and after the service as well. Secondly, our travel consultants are rich in local destinations and as a result, they have expertise in combining attractions with good restaurants and accommodations. Last by not least, we always measure our standard in reputable. We build our reputation through Word-of-Mouth, Feedback and Review. Our reliability depends on our reputation. We always keep good relationship with our customers and suppliers.

You can never get regret travelling Myanmar with us. We will bring the best memory and wonderful experience for you and your family.

We pride ourselves on safety.

We always thinks about Safety First in any occasion. We also carefully design all travel products and examine all our hotels and vehicles with safety standards as well as our people to complete basic first aid training.

We value your money.

We always value for money that you have spent on our tours and thus we deliver to provide the authentic and real travel experiences. We focus on receiving maximum local exposures with minimum budget.

We bring diverse experiences.

Building up from our strength in local knowledge, we have diversified into various tours, especially cultural, sustainable, experiential and general sightseeing tours with a set of quality , given special attention to each and every individual travelers.

We provide full flexibility.

We also provide custom made itineraries depending on the specific needs of the clients. We simply need the month of travel, places to visit and the number of persons traveling. Our totally flexible itineraries could be followed individually or combined to make a full package.