Dragon Boat Racing In Tanintharyi

Dragon Boat Racing in Tanintharyi

Tanintharyi is a beautiful and calm town nestled in the mountains beside the Tanintharyi river without any western influence. The river is still the bathing and washing place either in the morning or in the evening for the local people. In Tanintharyi, few signs from that glorious time remain. But you can see the popular dragon boat races, a unique show presented on 26 Oct 2018. It has been a tradition for 800 Years and thought to be brought by Myanmar Kings. The burmese call the boats Nagar (Dragon= Lay Law Pwe. It is held annual for the Tan Saung Mone Festival.

Dragon Boat was the main emblem of Tanintharyi Division and it was conventionally held a Memorial of a Regional Donation and a Celebration Festival was found. Though it was and Ancient Ceremony, Dragon Boats became rare nowadays; to conserve the tradition, holding as one of the Tanintharyi Division signs included Festival the respective people were being arranged. Dragon Boat Festival was greatly derived from History, if annual Festivals were held as other regional signs, it would conserve the History of the Region as well as it would support the Tourism Business. Bamboo Boat-rowing Fair was held since Myanmar Year 515 was learnt by the Historical Record. In Myanmar Kings Period as a Water Parade Festival was held.

Villagers along the Riverway Tanintharyi used to participate in the Festival and old times there were over a hundred “Boats Parade by Dragon Boats” each curved in one log. The Biggest Boat was 100ft round with 40 boat-rowers and it was the oldest Myanmar Festival was found. Now Dragon Boat conserved along the Tanintharyi Riverway was only “ Lai Thit Village” left which 4 Dragon Boats in Lai Thit and 1 Dragon Boat in TanintharyiTownship. A must visit for nature lovers there. Get off-the-beaten path, make real connections with the locals ! It is an absolutely incredible experience to try !

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