Ka Htein Festival

Ka Htein Festival

Ka Htein festival involves in many different Myanmar festivals as Burmese people usually celebrate showing their nature of offering. At monasteries all around Myanmar, during such festival period, many tree-shaped stands where various articles of offering are hung can be visible here and there. The stands also are full of valuable things collected from many people in accord with their wish and desire for donation. Within the whole month, people take part in it carrying the tree-shaped stands, some are taken by car and some by themselves, in a teeming crowd toward monasteries.

Ka Htein Pwe loosely translates into ‘Yellow Robe offering Ceremony’. On the full moon day of Tazaungmon, Myanmar’s Buddhists donate robes and other useful items to monks, an auspicious act meant to bring good luck for the future. These donations take place at monasteries and pagodas throughout the country, with Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon being the largest of such celebrations.

Ka Htein Ceremony is held to donate new robes to monks after end of rainy season. Sets of new robes and other necessities of monks are donated to monks and cash donations are also displayed and donated on wooden frames in the shape of a tree. We celebrate religious and Myanmar’s 12 seasonal festivals throughout the year. The month of Tazaungmon was the eight month of Myanmar Calendar (in November). Kahtein Ceremony held between the Full Moon Day of Thadingyut and the Full Moon Day of Tazaungmon.

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