Lawka Nandar Pagoda Festival


It is time to travel to Bagan now because there is a most popular festival in Bagan. That is Lawka Nanda Pagoda festival which is held during August of every year and was built in 1059 by King Anawrahta, founder of the Bagan empire. It enshrines a replica of a tooth relic of the Gautama Buddha, that the King obtained from Sri Lanka. The pagoda, located a few kilometers South of old Bagan marked the Southern boundary of Bagan’s capital. Lawkananda translates to “Joy of the world” in ancient Pali and local villages celebrate this festival by participating in an exciting boat racing demonstration as local vendors flock to the banks selling snacks and goods.

The festival is a wonderful way of watching a traditional boat race in Bagan. Most of the villagers living near Ayarwaddy river have own boats and cherish them. There will be 11 groups to compete the boat racing this year. They will compete with long boats that are starting to disappear. This is very different from last year. Long boat racing festival is a traditional festival for every village. The competitors participate in long boat racing with full or vigor and unity. You will be wonderful by watching it. Then, there is many events including traditional contests like chin lone (cane ball) and visitors from many other regions tend to travel to the festival. The whole area is usually occupied by the audiences and the sound of music. During the festival you can find many shops selling traditional snacks and local products.

Moreover, a traditional foods show will take place at Lawkanandar Pagoda with the participation of 20 exhibit booths with food products of hotels from five different hotel zones in the country, according to the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.
The aim of this show – which coincides with the annual pagoda festival – is to promote the destinations of the participating hotels in a hope to keep traveller numbers up throughout ‘Green Season’ during the monsoon period as well as to promote traditional Myanmar foods.

This is the first time show of its kind is to be held in Bagan. Visitors can also enjoy demonstrations of the boat racing event which is held annually at the pagoda.

Thus, we would like to advise to participate the Lawka Nanda Pagoda festival and food festival for both people intend to go there and Myanmar culture-loving people.


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