Culture & Ethnicity

Are you looking for culture & ethnicity tours in Myanmar? Myanmar has more than pagodas and temples and yes you can learn everything about Myanmar culture and tradition in our everyday lives. Start from the scratch of different traditional attires of different tribes to different traditional wedding styles, religious events, rituals and till the funerals. You will be amazed by how our people live and die. If you are the type of person who loves making friends with new tribes and studying different cultures, you will definitely like our tours.

How we design culture & ethnicity tours

All of our culture & ethnicity programs are based on the locations of different ethnic tribe where the visitors can really enjoy talking and living with them. And yet all of the programs are totally interesting and worthwhile for every penny you spend.

Find out more about ethnicity tours

Myanmar has more than 135 different ethnic tribes. Each has its own well preserved language and passed down belief, customs, norms culture and tradition. Majority of Myanmar ethnic tribes Bamar, Chin, Shan, Karen, Rakhine, Mon, Kayah and Kachin. Traveling to remote area and visiting the homes of those ethnic people is a great experience. In addition you will be learning their culture, sharing traditional norms and listening to passed down stories from their folks.

You will see how they have to struggle for living and surviving to preserve their identity. Your Journey to the Tribal land will be full of exciting and fascinating with those wonderful indigenous people. Unlike in other neighbor countries, you will be seeing living heritage of all of our tribes in their homes. Find out our incredible journey to the Wonderland initially by visiting the tattoo-faced Chin Lady along the village of  Lay Myoe River in Mrauk U, secondly spending quality time chit chatting with black teeth women from Ann and lastly trek to the off beaten path of Keng Tung to discover the Lahu Shi village and their unique long houses.

 “Travel Myanmar with Royal Active Travels will worth your visit because we will provide hands on experience everything about Myanmar culture, religion, food, local experience and ways of life.”

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