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Are you looking for Myanmar adventure travel? Myanmar has more than pagodas and temples and yes you can create many adventure activities more than ordinary classical ones. If you are kind of person who loves doing crazy and adventurous things, here are the list of Myanmar adventure travel packages that you can do in Myanmar.

How Myanmar adventure travel we design

All of our Myanmar adventure travel programs are based on the travel reviews and routes done by the famous bloggers all over the world and thus these are totally interesting and worthy for every penny you spend.

Firstly, taking a bumpy slow train over 120m high Gokteik Viaduct, the highest and the most exciting experience, secondly hiking up to 700 meter elevation Mt. Zwegabin, the most challenging activity with breathtaking view and thirdly getting off the beaten Myanmar route to visit the incredibly beautiful blue lagoon Dee Doke waterfall and amazed by the fluorescent blue. Lastly, wandering in the rainforest of Hsipaw to enjoy the last touristy places with lush scenic views and close up view to the real local lives.

Many of our guests are enjoying traveling in Myanmar with adventure pack which are safe, fun and yes exciting to do more than the normal packages. We recommend to take a look at least one of the packages below. Summing up all these itineraries your days in Myanmar will be fun and very much entertaining. Find out more about these itineraries in below and book now.

 “Travel Myanmar with Royal Active Travels will worth your visit because we will provide hands on experience everything about Myanmar culture, religion, food, local experience and ways of life.”

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