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Cultural Difference

Cultrural Difference
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Unlike many western countries, men and women’s status in Myanmar are not same. Although Burmese women enjoy equal legal rights with men, men have a higher religious status. As a result, women are prohibited from certain areas of religious buildings such as the small platform that allows you to touch Golden Rock, some areas of Shwedagon Pagoda and so forth. 


Myanmar clothing is quite different from clothing in other parts of the world, so it can come as quite a surprise to unprepared tourists to see most men and women dressed in Longyi, a sheet of cloth worn as a long skirt. It is important to remember that in most religious sites like Shwedagon, a dress policy is implemented for both genders. You are not allowed to wear casual clothes, meaning knees and shoulders must be covered. Myanmar people are very proud of their traditional dress (and rightly so, it’s beautiful!).


Myanmar’s food and drinks are different and, generally, very delicious.  Savoury dishes can tend to be slightly too oily or sweet for foreign tastes, but they smell and taste extremely good. Tea has an enormous place in the cultural heart of the country. It is used not only as a drink, but also as a food in Laphet Thoke (tea-leaf salad), a slightly bitter but truly delicious dish made using tea leaves, sesame seeds, fried peas, garlic, dried shrimp and peanuts. Tea shops are also popular and it is common practice to have a drink at one each day with friends and catch up. Betel nuts are the second staple of Myanmar food, and are consumed at a remarkable speed by Myanmar men. 


Although there are many religions present in Myanmar, more than 80% of people identify as Buddhist. In Buddhism, there are five main precepts that should be practiced daily by believers: not to kill, steal, lie, drink alcohol, and commit adultery. The ultimate aim in life according to Buddhist belief is to escape the cycle of rebirth and reach Nirvana. Moreover, astrology, palmistry and clairvoyance still play a major part in the lives of Myanmar people. 


Cultrural Difference