What you can see on circular train in Yangon

Traveling with a local transportation gives you the chance to witness daily life of local. The Yangon Circular Train was built by the British in 1954. It covers a railway track loop of 45.9 kilometers and stops at 39 stations. It takes almost 3 hours to complete the journey. Trains make both clockwise (Right) and counter-clockwise (Left) journeys daily along the railway loop. To enjoy to learn the Burmese local way of life, you should ride a Yangon Circular Train. It is the normal life of the Burmese in Yangon do in their routine life. You can see the activities of people around the city along the trip. The train passes many areas around the country. Each area has its own identity for example the north of Yangon you can see the rice field otherwise the west of the city is the industry zone you will see many cars move along the railway during the train passes by.You will see the local people so closely inside the train as well as outside on the way. It was mainly used by vendors taking their goods to market, its crowded carriages with vendors selling fruits, newspapers, bottles of water, sweets and any number of other things and you may enjoy with food that the Burmese local carry into the train and do the small business. Looking out of the window of the train is a good way to learn about this country. The morning trip before 10 am or the afternoon during 2-4 pm train is good to have the trip. Please prepare sun glasses, cold towel and hat when you take a trip.

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